How to Master Network Marketing Series

How to Master Network Marketing

Network Marketing is the best passive income you can generate. Because it has the most leverage potential for the amount of time you invest in it.

However, it’s deservedly gotten a bad name because most MLM opportunity seekers simply don’t get educated on what they need to know.

Elsewhere in the materials of An Online Millionaire Plan, this is gone into considerable more detail. These short ebooks will get you started and fill in many of the details beyond the broad brush strokes.

You deserve to have the abundance in your life and the riches you’ve worked for. The trick is in working smart, not hard.

Then your millions can flow in like you just turned on that huge valve to let the dam loose!

Network Marketing Survival 2!

Network Marketing Survival 2: The Sequel to the Best Selling, Network Marketing Survival Guide! Chose the Right Company, Plan, Team, and Marketing Model and Explode Your Business Today!

Network marketing is like a jungle. If you are not careful, you will get eaten by the LIONS out there! 

By now you know how much the network marketing industry has evolved since the 50s. Of course, there are certain timeless principles that will never change in the network marketing industry. Principles such as:

1. Providing value for your customers and prospects
2. Uplines helping downlines (and sidelines helping one another)
3. Working together with a solid management team
4. Building your reputation and helping others… 

These things will never change. However, there are certain things like business opportunity demands, prospecting methods, competition and many other crucial business factors have changed the way network marketing is done!

The goal of this book is to provide awareness for network marketers and give them enough knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t work. With this knowledge, you will be able to arm your downlines to the teeth… 

Get your copy today!

This book available on Kobo                 at many online and in-person booksellers.Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on                 Lulu.iBookstore and iTunes have this                 book available for your download.Barnes & Noble also carries this book for your                 immediate download.

Network Marketing Pitfalls

Network Marketing Pitfalls - “Discover the Pitfalls & Traps in Network Marketing that You Can Avoid, Saving You TONS of Time, Money & Mistakes!”

So you’ve chosen the right Network Marketing Opportunity. 

Now what? Okay. I have chosen the right company. Will it really work for me? The truth would sound more like how can I make the company WORK in my favor?

Remember the staggering truth that 95% of people fail in MLM? Simply, there are sincere, hardworking people who work hard, but are spending most of their time and money DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS!

Avoiding the wrong things saves you the valuable TIME (some people in MLM do the wrong things for YEARS) so you can learn how to do the RIGHT things with the time you saved.

Remember that in MLM, just like in real life that we must learn from the mistakes of others. We don’t all the time in the world to make all the mistakes ourselves!
This book once again is not a typical HOW TO guide.

Get this book and learn from those who’ve gone before. You can be one of the top 5% who make the millions in this industry.

Your dreams of a secure, financially free life can come true! 

This book available on Kobo at many online and                     in-person booksellers.Support independentiBookstore and iTunes have this book availableBarnes & Noble also

Recurring Income Secrets

Recurring Income Secrets: Fool Proof Strategies on How to Succeed in Network Marketing and Build Your Own Cash Pipeline!
Recurring Income Explained 

Recurring Income is another term for residual or passive income.
Majority of rich and affluent people created wealth through a form of recurring income stream. The majority of professionals that enjoy this type of income belong to the creative fields such as actors, writers, singers, and inventors.

Unfortunately, not many of us are blessed with such talents, let alone the opportunities to be in the lucrative industries. However, there is one budding opportunity for any ordinary individual today to enjoy residual income today in the 21st century.

You’ve guessed it: it’s none other than Network Marketing.

This book gives you the overview of how to get started creating your own Recurring Income…and become rich and affluent beyond your dreams!

This book available on Kobo at many online and                     in-person booksellers.Available on Google Play - Get Your Copy Today!iBookstore and iTunes have this book availableBarnes & Noble also

Show Me the Plan!

Show Me The Plan! - “Dissecting Network Marketing’s Compensation System To Maximize Profits & Even Start Your Own Company!”

Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail 

Every year, network marketing companies and teams spend thousands on marketing plan training because many people simply find marketing plans today too confusing or people just don’t take network marketing serious enough to be well equipped.

Isn’t this alarming?

Consider this:

  • Would you be in a profession if you don’t know your career path?
  • Would you work in a job if you don’t know how much you are getting paid?
  • Would you give away money for free?

We all know the answers to these questions, BUT, in network marketing, proper understanding of the marketing plan (not only yours but others in the industry) will not only save you lots of time, but will also determine the rest of your network marketing career! This is even more so for people who plan to start their own network marketing company offline or online.

Get your copy today and learn how to make your profits appear routinely with less work than you are doing now… 

This book available on Kobo at many online and                     in-person booksellers.Support independentiBookstore and iTunes have this book availableAvailable on B&N for Nook readers - Get Your Copy Today!

Network Marketing Survival

Network Marketing Survival: Choosing the Right Company & Always Making Profit from Them All!

Congratulations if you are a newcomer or veteran in this world of MLM and allowing me to help you in taking the next step in this fantastically profitable industry.

My intentions in writing this book are to help you and provide you generic information that applies to any company regardless on their marketing/compensation plan, product, team, country or even offline or online!

It is indeed a shocking truth to find out that over 95% of network marketers or home based business owners are operating their business at a LOSS! 

We all want to be smart people and rather be in the top 5% being the ones making the money now, don’t we? Of course we do.

It is sad that countless of poor victims join the industry, uninformed, and when they run into problems, they usually put the blame on the company, the team or even the industry itself!

That is why we hope to avoid such unfortunate circumstances.

That is why this book was written – just to help you survive. 


This book available on Kobo at many online and                     in-person booksellers.Now Available on Google Play! Get Your Copy Today!Now Available on iTunes – Get Your Copy Today!Now available for B&N Nook readers - Get Your Copy Today!

Cashing In Big On The Health And Wellness Industry

Cashing In Big On the Health and Wellness Industry: Discover How You or Anyone Can Milk Every Single Dollar from One of the Highest Demand Markets In the World Today!

Discover How You or Anyone Can Milk Every Single Dollar From One of the Highest Demand Markets In the World Today!

Never in the history of man, has the baby boomers generation sparked such a massive market gap to be filled.

In this book you will learn all about how

 – Baby-boomers in America changed the markets in the world forever
 – What are the current uptrends and downtrends yesterday, today and tomorrow
 – What a multi-billion dollar demand will look like in a few years time
 – How network marketing companies are cashing in on the wave
 – How YOU or Anyone can tap into this market and make a fortune!

Your biggest chance of success is right under your nose and you can make it happen only if you choose to.

Available on iTunes - Get Your Copy Today!Available for B&N Nook - Get Your Copy Today!Available on Kobo - Get Your Copy Today!Available on Google Play - Get Your Copy Today!

Network Marketing Survival 3.0 – The Third Wave of Network Marketing’s Hottest Book

Network Marketing Survival 3.0 - The Third Wave of Network Marketing's Hottest Book

Network marketing is not the same old routine it was in the Baby Boomers’ generation.

Today, network marketing has gone online in a very large way.

This game is just as competitive as it ever was. And that’s the reason you need to employ improved strategies if you have to run ahead in the race. People have become wise to all the new tricks and it is time we brought something new into our methods.

Prospects have become warier than they ever were. There are so many opportunities out there that it is difficult for them to decide what they must take, if at all.

However, network marketing still remains lucrative and that is one big draw for you to bring people toward your business. The results that can be expected can be so huge in monetary terms that they could put most companies to shame.

You can succeed now where many others have failed. But you need to study what is working now, not just continue doing business like you were in the 50’s when it all started.

When you put this book to use, the respect from your friends and neighbors will be real when they see the wealth you’ve created with your home business.

Available on iTunes - Get Your Copy Today!Available for B&N Nook - Get Your Copy Today!Available on Kobo - Get Your Copy Today!Available on Google Play - Get Your Copy Today!

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